Getting There

There are 3 major airports that accommodate Beaver Creek travel:

     Denver International Airport (DIA):  About 2 hours from the Ritz Carlton Club at Bachelor Gulch, more flights, bigger airport
     Eagle Airport:  Closer to Ritz Club than DIA, about 25 min drive, more limited flight offerings
     Grand Junction Airport: About 2 hours from the Ritz Carlton Club at Bachelor Gulch with connections primarily from major Southwestern US cities.
Beaver Creek Transportation:
-    All three airports offer at least one major car rental option.
-    Both Eagle and Denver International Airports offer direct shuttle options to the club.
Directions: (see map on right for directions to I-70 to Club)
100 Bachelor Ridge, Bachelor Gulch, Colorado 81620 
From DIA:  Take I-70 headed West
From Eagle Airport: Take I-70 headed East
From Grand Junction Airport: Take I-70 headed East
     Exit I-70 at exit 167.  Follow roundabout left onto Avon Road.  Go through 4 roundabouts.  Check in at the Beaver Creek gate house, take the first right onto Prater Road.  Follow roundabout left onto Bachelor Gulch Trail.  Check in at the Bachelor Gulch gate house.  Continue up mountain to the Ritz Carlton Club, which is on the left and pull up to the valet.