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Posted by: Luxury Travel Lady

NEW Vail CineBistro: Restaurant Movie Theater

Cinebistro, a restaurant movie theater, just opened a new location in Vail, Colorado.

Cinebistro is a chain of retsaurants that also show movies. Their new Vail location opened this summer and is a great way to spend the evening. Now you don't have to go to dinner and then to the movies -  you can have a full service dinner (with plenty of great options on the menu) and watch a movie at the same time!

Cinebistro is primarily a restaurant lounge that accommodates dinner guests and moviegoers. You are not obligated to watch a movie and eat dinner, you can choose between the two. If you arrive half an hour before your movie starts, a concierge will meet you at the door and give you a tour of the venue. If you have not purchased your tickets online prior to arrival, the concierge can help your purchase your tickets and choose your seats.

Cinebistro is a restaurant that also offers a movie watching experience.

Meals are served all at once at the beginning (appetizers and entrees) so as not to interrupt the movie. If you were not able to order before the movie began, you can go to the snack counter and order from there. A pager will be given to you, and once it buzzes, you can return to the snack counter to pick up your food. Specialty cocktails and a children's menu are also available.

Cinebistro has a great menu that includes appetizers such as "popcorn" (rock shrimp, calamari, or chicken served in a popcorn container), flatbread and hummus. Entrees include Colorado lamb, gourmet pasta, beef dishes, salmon, chicken pot pie, salads and sandwiches.

 For more information, visit their website.