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How to pack for your Colorado ski vacation at the Ritz Carlton Residence Club in Bachelor Gulch, Beaver Creek, or Aspen Highlands, Colorado.   Below are a few helpful tips about packing for a ski trip:

        1.       Make a list – Check out OneBag.com’s packing list                        

          Making a list can help prevent you from forgetting something important, as well as prevent over packing.

         If you tend to panic and throw unnecessary stuff in your bag, you can look to your list, and if it’s not on the list, it shouldn't go in the bag!

Check items off as you pack.
2.     Try to choose clothes that have a similar color scheme so that you can mix and match your separates.
3.     Once you’ve made your list, see if there is anything you can remove.
4.      Try packing clothing in reusable compression bags. This is especially useful for fluffy items, like sweaters or jackets, and creates about 75% more space.
5.       Make sure you pack your toiletries, such as shampoo or body wash, in a sealed container or bag to prevent spillage.
6.       To eliminate wrinkling, you can place delicates in garment bags, or try the popular “roll technique,” which does reduce the number of folds, but actually increases wrinkling, caused by rubbing against other fabrics.
The most successful method of wrinkle elimination is bundle wrapping. The idea is to have a soft core to wrap your clothes around. A pouch filled with socks and underwear would do the trick. Then, you have to wrap the clothes around the pouch in a very specific order:
·         Jacket on the bottom,
·         Skirts and dresses
·         Long sleeved shirts
·         Short sleeved shirts
·         Trousers
·         Sweaters, knits
·         Shorts on top, wrapped directly around the core
Once the pieces are stacked, close the jacket over the entire stack of clothing, creating a bundle. By having the more tailored pieces on the outside and the more wrinkle –prone pieces on the inside, you can eliminate wrinkles all together. See OneBag.com for more detailed instructions for bundle wrapping: http://www.onebag.com/pack.html
7.       Place shoes or boots in shoe socks: http://www.shoesocks.com/
Here’s a checklist of ski gear you’ll need on your trip:A list of gear you will need when taking a Colorado ski vacation at the Ritz Carlton Residence Club in Bachelor Gulch, Beaver Creek, or Aspen Highlands, Colorado.
1.      A good ski hat – we lose most of our body’s heat through our head, so this is important! You can go with the classic wool hat, or try the more modern ski helmet.
2.     Ski goggles come in handy, especially for those who wear contact lenses. They cut glare and reduce windburn. No one wants to squint as they ski down a mountain!
3.      Ear muffs and face shields
4.     Scarf
5.     Ski bibs or ski pants
6.     Thermal undergarments, like long johns and thermal shirts
7.    Wool socks
8.     Gloves with a waterproof exterior
9.     Ski boots and skiis, if you own yours. If you plan on renting, it’s one less thing to pack!
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If you are a Ritz-Carlton club owner at one of the many Colorado residence locations (such as Vail, Bachelor Gulch, Aspen or Beaver Creek), then you might want to consider leaving some of your ski equipment in storage.