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Big Beers Fest in Vail
Colorado Craft Beer

The Big Beers Festival in Vail showcases some of Colorados best craft beer.

The recent Vail beer festival, the Big Beers, Belgians and Barleywines Festival, at the beginning of January celebrated its 12th year of delicious beer sampling. This event is more intimate and laid back than the larger Great American Beer Festival and is a great way to experience the burgeoning American craft beer movement. You can bet that the person pouring your beer sample is the one who brewed it, giving you the perfect opportunity to learn about the process and flavors of the beer. This festival is taken seriously by owners, who attend themselves rather than send their sales reps, which is one reason why beer lovers travel from other states just to attend.

Colorado is home to over 120 established craft breweries. These specialty beers are sold at independent retailers across the state. CO's Gore Range Brewery, now under new management, participated at the Big Beers Fest with its Ryetous concoction. Crazy Mountain, a new brewery in Edwards, first introduced its beer to the public at the Big Beers Fest two years ago. This year they brought Lawyers, Guns, and Money as their anniversary barleywine.

The American craft beer movement began several years ago with a few brewers who were passionate about beer and wanted to experiment with tradition and innovation. Unlike many of the European breweries, these individuals are not constrained by tradition and as a result are able to create unusual and complex beers that are an international inspiration. The passion and progressive nature of American craft brewers has garnered respect for American beer from countries all over the world. The exportation of American specialty beers abroad is increasing and gaining quite a following. The movement has inspired brewers from several European countries to follow suit with their own creations, leading to more diversity and competition on a global scale.

Next time you visit the Ritz Carlton Bachelor Gulch Residence Club or the new Ritz Carlton Vail, check out some of the amazing local craft breweries!