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The Best Sandwich Shop in Vail, Colorado

You know that moment when you get off the slopes (or finished with a long bike ride or hike) and you just have a hankering for a really good sandwich?  Yeah, we do too.  What is it about a good sandwich that can leave you feeling perfectly satisfied.  Maybe it's the fact that you can put a bunch of ingredients that on their own don't go together but somehow between two pieces of bread, they just sort of make sense?  Well whether you share our fanaticism for sandwiches or are just a well-rounded eater, we compiled a list of noteworthy sandwich and sub shops in Vail Village.   And on top of that, we've done our homework to find out who reviewers has the BEST sandwiches in their shop.

So here the list and the sandwich shop "winner" is revealed at the bottom.  (Such suspense!)

1. Joe's Famous Deli

In true deli-style, Joe's Famous Deli has been a go-to for Vail visitors for 12 years.  Joe's serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and even delicious homemade ice cream.  Known for their premium meats and ingredients, you won't be disappointed after scarfing down a sub at Joe's!

2. Big Bear Bistro

Conveniently located at the top of Bridge Street (only steps from Gondola One), and offering Gourmet Sandwiches in the Vail Valley, featuring Boar’s Head meats, fresh veggies and organic bread baked fresh daily! A true local’s hangout and owned and operated by long-time locals this Vail Sandwich shop does not disappoint!

3. The Little Diner

This adorable "little diner" lives up to it's name in size only.  Offering hearty meals and sandwiches made from scratch and embodying comfort food, this chef owned and operated joint is bound to knock your socks off with their coveted and popular family recipes.  Located at the West Lionshead Plaza Bus Stop next to Moe's BBQ and Vail Skate Supply.

4. Les Delices De France

This french-style deli, whose name literally translated to "The French Deli" is perfectly befitting for Vail.  Located in Lionshead Village, Les Delices de France offers cultural sandwich flare just when you're craving it most.

5.  Smiling Moose Deli

The Smiling Moose Deli, located in Edwards, is most well known for their breakfast sandwiches but excel in other sandwiches as well.  One of several locations throughout the US the Edwards Smiling Moose Deli has garnered quite a local following throughout the years which is the ultimate testament to a good sub shop.  Open for breakfast and lunch, you won't want to miss out on this tasty source for sandwiches!

And now, the people of the internet agree, that the best sandwich shop in Vail is:

(Drumroll please)


In addition to their tasty combinations, Big Bear Bistro is touted for using some of the best gourmet ingredients.  The sandwiches here have high quality fixin's and fresh ingredients, so as far as sandwiches go, you really can't go wrong here!

So, next time you find yourself in a hangry (hungry + angry) position, do your tastebuds a favor and head over to Big Bear Sandwich or any of the other notable mentions on this list and satisfy that craving!