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Ritz-Carlton Beaver Creek Kids Activities

Every day of the week brings a new adventure in Ritz Kids! Our schedule of Rocky Mountain themed activities, games, adventures and crafts will keep kids busy having fun while they learn about this remarkable state. Kids should plan to bring their winter gear as we will plan to get some fresh air playing outside during each morning and afternoon session. Listed below is the children activities schedule and times. 

Sunday: Winter Sports and Games Day

Morning: Warm up your throwing arm for a fun and super silly snowball contest. Then, get toasty with some cocoa before making your own Colorado flag souvenir.

Afternoon: Try out a new sport as we explore around the hotel on snowshoes! After the hike, refuel by preparing your own healthy and delicious snack back at the clubhouse.

Kids Night Out: Kick off this exciting evening by creating a custom decorated t-shirt. Then, let the games begin as you compete in team challenges to see who will win gold in the Ritz Kids Olympics.

Monday: Wild West Day

Morning: First, dress the part by decorating a one of a kind western bandana. Then, venture outside like a homesteader and build yourself a snow fort to sip hot cocoa in!

Afternoon: Inspired by the resort’s architecture, build and paint an adorable miniature log cabin to bring home. Once the hard work is done, relax with a sweet s’mores snack made with marshmallows roasted around the fire pit.

Evening:  Help pitch the tent for campout night where we will play games, stargaze indoors and end the night with a soak in the spa’s rock lined grotto hot tub.

Tuesday: Alpine Art Day

Morning: Begin the day with a tricky scavenger hunt that will lead you to different works of art around the hotel. Later, use this inspiration as you create your own masterpiece painting using a real canvas, easel and painters’ palette.

Afternoon: Get your hands dirty as you spend the afternoon sculpting using three different mediums. Create a unique snow sculpture outside, mix up your own homemade clay and even mold a souvenir to take home.

Evening: Get ready for a night of crazy creativity as we make custom paper hats, play fun carnival games and complete the evening by decorating delicious cookies with all your favorite toppings.

Wednesday: Native American Culture Day

Morning: Use an ancient Native American skill as you travel on snowshoes through the powder around the hotel. Later, learn another new skill as you create a beautiful beaded or woven handicraft.

Afternoon: Gain inspiration by learning interesting Native American legends and stories. Then, transform a smooth river stone into a colorful masterpiece as you paint on your own colorful designs.

Evening: Prepare for a night of sweet dreams by crafting a one of a kind dream catcher and going for a relaxing soak in the spa’s rock lined grotto hot tub.

Thursday: Treasures of the Rocky Mountains Day

Morning: Create your own treasure hunt, map and clues in the Ritz Kids room to challenge your friends and win fun prizes. Next, use glittering beads to make a sparkly and unique piece of jewelry to take home.

Afternoon: Who knew you could make your own colorful gemstones and your own homemade ice cream? Learn how to do both during this exciting hands-on afternoon!

Evening: Follow mysterious clues that will lead you on a hunt for treasure through the hotel. Once back at Ritz Kids, custom decorate a wooden treasure chest to store your trove.

Friday: Winter Weather Day

Morning: Learn how snowflakes form and make beautiful crystal structures. Then, use watercolor paints to make a beautiful picture inspired by the winter scenery.

Afternoon: After experiencing the winter weather first hand on a fun snowshoe walk, come back to the hotel and get cozy while enjoying a cup of cocoa and making a snowflake art project.

Evening: Create a glimmering snow globe souvenir to remind you of your trip to the mountains and then warm up with a dip in the hotel’s rock lined grotto hot tub.

Saturday: Amazing Animals Day

Morning: Learn how animals and people stay warm by doing a fun science experiment. Then bring out your artistic side as you craft a souvenir inspired by Colorado’s amazing wildlife.

Afternoon: Examine replica pelts and skulls to learn how animals survive winter in the mountains, then investigate around the hotel for signs animals have left behind on the animal evidence scavenger hunt.

Evening: Have fun playing a wacky game of animal charades and building a sweet den for your favorite winter animal using marshmallows. After dinner, put on your chef hat and turn those marshmallows into a tasty, chocolaty dessert!

*Activities may be subject to change based on weather and conditions.