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San Francisco Reality Tourism in Uptown Tenderloin

The San Francisco Uptown Tenderloin will be renovated and marketed at a tourist attraction to baby boomer music fans.    The Uptown Tenderloin in San Francisco will become a tourist attractin for baby boomer music fans.

When you visit San Francisco at the Ritz Carlton Residence Club, you will probably tour many amazing neighborhoods - Union Square, SoMa, Financial District, Fisherman's Wharf, Chinatown - but the Uptown Tenderloin probably won't be one of them. For years, the gritty Tenderloin neighborhood has been one of San Francisco's greatest challenges. Despite San Francisco's ability to solve social and community challenges creatively and effectively (SF was the first city to offer universal health care and has banned the use of plastic bags), they have not been successful with the Tenderloin. It might be dilapidated, but a positive to this neglected neighborhood is that its rich history has remained untouched.

The "Tenderloin" was never an official district, and the name did not appeal to the real estate or hotel industry, or middle class residents who might have gentrified it. It had been developed as a residential area, until the 1906 fire completely destroyed everything, and was rebuilt commercially. It became a popular area for nightlife, entertainment, theaters, hotels and illegal vice activity.

Randy Shaw, the driving force behind the idea to give the Tenderloin a "makeover," plans to emphasize the historical landmarks and build a tourist attraction, whose main demographic will be baby boomer music fans. There is a great deal of music history - Miles Davis played there, the Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia recorded there at what is now Hyde Street Studios, Muhammed Ali trained and Jerry Garcia lived at the Tenderloin's Cadillac Hotel, and Frank Capra lived at Hotel Drake.

Cadillac HotelMuhammed Ali trained at and Jerry Garcia lived at San Francisco's Cadillac Hotel in the Tenderloin neighborhood.  Hotel Drake

“We offer a kind of grittiness you can’t find much anymore,” said Randy Shaw to the New York Times, “And what is grittier than the Tenderloin?”

Shaw plans to open a $3 million museum in the Cadillac Hotel and post plaques on buildings to provide visual interest for those walking through. There is also a proposed art district and a walking tour of the world's largest collection of historic single room occupancy hotels. There is also an application for a $250,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Arts for public art on the west side, and a 250,000 square foot retail project on the east side.

Shaw will also be handing out fliers encouraging toursits to "walk, dine, and enjoy" the Uptown Tenderloin. He hopes to grab a piece of the San Francisco tourism industry ($8billion in 2009), and gradually improve this neglected neighborhood. Experts say it will be a long, hard road, but it seems like it's about time this neighborhood got some positive attention!


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