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NEW Colorado Summer Activities:

Snowmass Ski Area

Aspen Skiing Co. will be introducing new Colorado summer activities, like overnight camping, to Elk Camp Meadows.

Aspen Skiing Co. plans to introduce two new summer activities to Elk Camp Meadows: disc golf and overnight camping! These new activities will make Snowmass a summer hot spot.

There are new proposed developments that will improve Elk Camp Meadows in preparation for the summer. Most of these changes are only seasonal, and will be removed during ski season. New hiking and biking trails are being built, and a new Cafe Suzanne restaurant will open soon.

SkiCo wants to move the existing disc golf course from Sam's Knob to below the Elk Camp area, at the top of the gondola to Funnel ski run.

The overnight camping spot at Camp Aspen/Snowmass will accommodate 25 campers per night, up to three nights per week. Overnight camping season is from June 20th to Sept 15th. Camping grounds will be located near the intersection at Sandy Park and Turkey Trot ski trails. SkiCo personnel will monitor camping activities to ensure that all campers are safe.

The Forest Service must get the public's opinion on the matter, and evaluate potential environmental effects. All proposed activities must be implemented with the least possible effect on the environment.

Activities also pending approval are horseback riding, fishing, camping, nature centers, climbing walls, trampoline bungies, and paintball!