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Snorkeling in St. John

Snorkeling in St. John, USVI

Perfect water conditions, a variety of coral reef and marine life, cays (pronounced "keys"), and bays make St. John a premier Caribbean snorkeling destination. St. John is accessible from St. Thomas via a 45 minute boat ride. If you're staying at the Ritz Carlton Club St. Thomas, you can charter their 53' catamaran, Lady Lynsey. If you do charter a boat to go to St. John, you might want to hang on to it for a while. Some of the best snorkeling is found by jumping from a boat in deeper waters off the coast, such as Flanagan's Cay off of Trunk Bay.

Leinster Bay & Waterlemon Cay

Location: North Shore, accessible via Leinster Bay Trail; small island off the shore of Waterlemon Bay

Snorkeling Conditions: clear waters; south and east sides* are bordered by shallow fringe reef, west and north sides have deeper water (20 feet) and different varieties of coral

Marine Life: starfish, sea fans, green turtles, sea cucumbers, blue tang, parrot fish

*south and east sides are perfect for beginners

St. John Snorkeling

Francis Bay

Location: North Shore

Snorkeling Conditions: one of the longest and most beautiful beaches on the island; rights side of the bay has the best snorkeling

Marine Life: sea turtles, blue angelfish, millions of fry fish, predators like jacks, yellowtal snapper, Spanish mackerel, barracuda, tarpon, pompano, French grunts, parrotfish, blue tang, damselfish, small eels

Cinnamon Bay

Location: North Shore; accessible vie Route 20

Snorkeling Conditions: eastern end has intricate rock and coral formations where many fish live; advanced snorkelers swim to Cinnamon Cay

Marine Life: Tropical fish live in the rock and coral formations off the shore of Cinnamon Bay, and off Cinnamon Cay where there is an old Cessna aircraft that sank long ago

Snorkeling St. John

Trunk Bay

Location: North Shore

Snorkeling Conditions: Trunk Bay is the most famous spot on St. John for snorkeling, and one of the world's most beautiful beaches. There is a 650 foot underwater snorkeling trail with signs to identify marine life. This is a very safe and easy snorkel, with calm waters and clear visibility. You can also take a boat out to Flanagan's Cay off the southeastern coast, which is one of the best snorkeling spots on the island.

Marine Life: hard and soft corals, sea fans, sponges, trumpet fish, parrot fish, stingrays, angel fish, blue tang, damsel fish, hawksbill turtles, spotted eagle rays, lobsters; 12 foot coral heads growing out of the water at Flanagan's Cay

Hawksnest Bay

Location: Northwest

Snorkeling Conditions: best on the eastern side of the cove near the point, Perkins Cay, Denis Bay

Marine Life: organ pipe cactus, brain coral, sponges, soldier fish, squirrel fish, trunk fish, trumpet fish,  yellowtail snapper, blue runners

Snorkeling in St. John


Salomon Bay 

Location: Northwest; accessible via Leinster Bay Trail

Snorkeling Conditions: best spot is the coral reef found where Salomon and Honeymoon Bay are separated at the northeast corner of the beach; less crowded than Trunk Bay but just as beautiful

Marine Life: coral, sponges, angel fish, blue tang

Salt Pond Bay

Location: South Shore

Snorkeling Conditions: eastern coastline is best; at the end of the beach there are huge boulders colonized by marine life

Marine Life: sponges, elk horn coral, sea grasses and fans, starfish, sea cucumbers, sea horses, colorful fish

St. John Snorkeling

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